Prayer Requests from Women veteranslynn [#PleasePray #PrayerRequest #MyGodMyHealer]

Prayer Requests from Women veteranslynn [#PleasePray #PrayerRequest #MyGodMyHealer]

That I will continue to study his word and tell others about his amazing love

  • Lynn weber
  • Female
  • South Carolina
  • USA
  • Christian

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1 Comment on "Prayer Requests from Women veteranslynn [#PleasePray #PrayerRequest #MyGodMyHealer]"

  1. Most gracious and loving heavenly Father, we bring the prayer requests from Lynn before You.

    Father, we thank you for the desire that Lynn has in studying Your Word and telling others about Your love.

    We thank you for she has not written for a physical need but for a spiritual need.

    We pray that You grant her her desire just as she has requested.

    Help her Father to study and mediate Your Word more and more. Give her the time and make the situation around her suitable to accomplish this desire of hers.

    We also pray for her desire in propagating Your love to the world. We pray that You open the doors and windows for her to keep doing this and bring more souls to You.

    Father, let this not be a request and a prayer that is just sent out into the air but we humbly pray that You hear and answer this prayer according to Your will.

    Help us to hear from Lynn in the days to come about the ways You are helping her with these prayer requests for Your glory.

    We ask all this in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


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