Pray for Indian Christians on Edge: Big Win for Hindu Nationalists, BJP Party of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in India

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Narendra Modi was sworn in for a second term as the Prime Minister of India. His party, the BJP, won a resounding victory in parliamentary elections.

As Indian pundits — a word that is, by the way, of Indian origin — will tell you, if Modi and the BJP were the obvious winners, their political rivals, the Congress Party, were the big losers. But there is another potential loser in these elections, one that should especially concern American Christians, and that is Indian Christians.

To understand why, you need to understand Hindutva, which is the governing ideology of BJP. It literally means “Hinduness,” and defines what it means to be an Indian in religious — to be specific, Hindu — terms. Hindutva regards Christianity and Islam as foreign religions, and therefore any Indian who claims to be a Christian or a Muslim is less than truly Indian. According to this ideology, Hinduism is central to what it means to be an Indian.

To be fair, India does have the second-largest Muslim population in the world, and the most visible religious conflict there falls along Hindu-Muslim lines. Still, there are more than 30 million Christians in India, and there is some reason to believe that this number may be significantly understated. Muslims are not the only targets of Hindu extremism. Indian Christians are rightly concerned about what the triumph of Modi means for them.

We should be concerned as well. After all, contrary to Hindutva ideology, Christianity is no European import. It existed in India before Paul reached Rome. Some churches in southern India even worship in an offshoot of Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke.

We must pray for our Indian brethren, asking God to preserve the faith in a subcontinent where it is every bit as native as that which seeks to drive it out.

Indian Christians on Edge: Big Win for Hindu Nationalists, BJP Party of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in India:
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