Please pray for the Christians in Brunei [#PleasePray #PrayerRequest #MyGodMyHealer]

Please pray for the Christians in Brunei [#PleasePray #PrayerRequest #MyGodMyHealer]

Pray for Muslims who turn to Christ and now face strict punishment under Sharia law.

Pray that God will give Christians wisdom and courage to stand out as lights for Christ in this strict Islamic culture.

Pray that the government of Brunei would lift the decree that bans the importation of Bibles and the public celebration of Christmas.

Pray for underground believers who feel persecution strongly because the country is so small and there is nowhere to run if their faith in Christ is exposed.

Pray that the international community would urgently call for the government of Brunei to repeal the Sharia penal law. The rights of non-Muslims are severely restricted through these laws.

Full extent of Shari law into effect in Brunei – conversion from Islam illegal and punishable by death:
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